How to prepare for an interview? How to cast yourself in the best light? How to maximize the probability to launch your dream career?

Experience shows that few applicants are well prepared to face a recruiting team. As a result, they often miss the mark and the golden opportunity to land the position of their dream.

Your Interview Coach, Michel Foure, offers a life-time, real-world experience of interviewing scientists, engineers, and technical staff at all levels starting with entry position to senior scientists, seasoned engineers and technical managers to coach you through the interview process.

During his career in the Chemical Industry, Michel recruited over a hundred scientists at the PhD. and postdoc level from the best schools in the U.S. and in the world. To that effect he interviewed an estimated 1,500 candidates (and read well over 15,000 résumés!). In addition, Michel was also the lead campus recruiter at Princeton University during his tenure at Arkema, Inc. He also participated to many search committees at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) to recruit candidates from postdoctoral fellows, scientists, joint-faculty positions (Berkeley Lab / University of California Berkeley), administrators as well as Division senior business management staff.

At the Berkeley Lab Learning Institute at LBNL (BLI, http://www.lbl.gov/BLI/), twice a year, Michel walked the audience through the preparation, interview process and post-interview steps.


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