Interview coaching

What is the purpose of the interview?

The question may seem ludicrous, preposterous perhaps, but think twice before you answer…

If you said it is “obviously” to find a job like 95%+ of the people, I will argue that this is not only the wrong answer but also an answer that causes many applicants a huge disservice. We will discuss this point (and many others) in the Interview Coaching sessions and you will be provided with a tool that will dramatically affect the complexion and the dynamics of the interview process.

The Interview Coaching package consists of two in-person sessions:

1. A two and a half hour preparation module discussing all aspects of the interview process: the employer side, the applicant side, discussing frequently asked questions as well as “rock and hard place questions”, how to handle the interview day, post-interview etiquette, and key negotiation pointers. The list of questions to prepare is provided.

2. A one and a half hour of role playing where you will have a chance to practice and receive feedback.

Interview Coaching Package Fee: $770 for entry positions (MS, PhD and postdoc level). Please inquire for senior positions.

Working with groups of two or more people is also possible. Price will vary according to the group size.


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