Résumé clinic

The résumé: your ambassador

Along with your accompanying letter or email, your résumé is your ambassador. It is usually the first window through which a prospective employer will see you. Thus, it is essential to pay very careful attention to it in order to project your best-self. Yet, statistics show that 90% of the CVs end up in the waste basket. Sometimes there may be good reasons for this: for example, the candidate clearly does not have the skills or the experience for the position. However, in many cases, legitimate applicants are screened out because their résumé is poorly constructed, poorly written or just “flat”.

Michel will give your résumé a thorough check-up. He will provide an analysis and recommendations to improve its impact and marketability.

For scientists seeking for a position in National Labs, Michel will also provide a key piece of advice that will propel their résumé toward the top of the pile.

Résumé Clinic Fee: $150 for entry positions. Inquire for senior positions.

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